Our Mission

​HOPE recognizes that relationships and families are each unique and special.  We help all people, regardless of sex, gender, race, religion, age and ethnicity.

HOPE Emergency/Safe Housing is designated for individuals experiencing domestic violence and in need of safety.  We provide private, secure spaces for families to be together with their child(ren) and pets.  Availability is limited. 

​HOPE (Healing Opportunity Provided Equally) works to end violence and provide safety through direct services, education and advocacy to all people experiencing domestic violence.

Our Values

​HOPE Goals


The local community partnering to meet the needs of all people experiencing domestic violence.

Advocates Against Domestic Abuse dba HOPE (Healing Opportunity Provided Equally) was established in 1981 and is a

501(c)3 nonprofit organization located in Aitkin County, Minnesota. The agency is supported entirely by public & private grants, fundraisers and donations. We need your assistance to continue to assist domestic violence victims.  Please make your tax-deductible donation today! 

Build a culture to reflect HOPE's vision and values, providing unity and one voice to end domestic violence in the community.

Develop educational opportunities and materials appropriate for multi-age levels.

Increase funding to support seamless services to meet the needs of people experiencing domestic violence.

Contact an Advocate if you need help!

1.218.927.2327, toll free 1.888.276.1720 
Email help@aitkinhope.org 

We believe every person has value and should be treated with dignity.
We demonstrate this by:

  • Offering services without judgement.

  • Treating people with compassion.

  • Providing education.

  • Promoting fairness.

  • Building relationships. We are part of the community and they are part of our work.

  • Recognizing strengths.

Megan Cummings, Executive Director


Darla Blegen, Legal Advocate


Jaime Pieschke, DV Advocate


Christine Schneider, Office Assistant